1977 Gibson ES-350T

1977 Gibson ES-350T: Hot! Hot! HOT!

Another gorgeous addition to the flock is this 1977 Gibson ES-350T, which was recovered from a storage unit here in town. Most people, when trying to sell an instrument, will tell you it’s “virtually unplayed”. Well, this one looks as if it’s actually unplayed. No wear on the gold hardware, original and unmolested frets with characteristic “nibs”, and although the finish was slightly cloudy from age, a light cleaning revealed the only scratches on her were from the polishing wheel at the factory. The only problem this sweetheart had was, after being kept in its case at varying temps for years- at full string tension- the neck really didn’t want to stay in its pocket; it didn’t need a reset, though, and only required a small amount of hide glue in an equally small separation to return to true action and playability. And the sound? As if the heavenly host itself had taken up residence within its entirely hollow frame. Mmmm! She’s currently on Ebay, and you can find the listing here.

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