“First Run” Gibson Robot Les Paul

It's magical!

We’ve taken in a lot of inventory as of late, and this little gem was part of the influx. It’s part of the initial run of Robot guitars from Gibson, and has the case and candy to go with it. I was particularly excited because I’ve only ever messed around with one Robot, one that had no charger and was being sold below cost at a certain music store chain.

All of the goodies in one place. Sweet Limited Edition case!

I’ve never actually seen this thing in action, so the moment it came into the store I was pulling on the knob like an amused 4-year-old, clapping and yelling “AGAIN!” with each new tuning achieved. Pretty fun. How does it sound or feel? WHO CARES! It tunes itself! Wheee!

Actually, it’s quite nice. After I had thoroughly amused myself, I did take it to my bench for a set-up. The first thing I noticed was something I’ve seen on a lot of late-model guitars: The first fret wasn’t properly leveled. It was much too high to even be playable, explaining why the neck had quite a bow. After straightening out the truss rod, I not only ground down the fret but also filled and re-cut the nut slots to compensate. In a word, she’s “ace” now.

This Robot sounds just as good as any other Les Paul, with a meaty and articulate tone. Cosmetically, I especially like the bound headstock, lending a touch of class to the already unique look of this instrument. The blue/silverburst finish looks great in person, capturing the attention of passers-by from the sidewalk.

Reminds me of HAL. What's it thinking?!

All in all, a pretty cool guitar at a pretty cool price. Come over to the shop and experience the future! Or at least, come to welcome our new robot overlords. Make nice with them before they take over, enslaving all of humanity for the devious designs of their cold alloy hearts. IT HAS BEGUN!!!!

Frightening, right? It's like they're marching. *Shivers* IN STOCK NOW!

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