Things That Excite Us, Volume 1

Last week, Gibson announced yet another run of signature model guitars. This isn’t surprising or shocking in any way, as it seems Gibson does this like clockwork.


“So, why are you excited, then?”, you query. I’ll tell you: They gave Dethklok creator and band leader Brendan Small an Explorer of his very own!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a pretty big fan of Adult Swim’s show, Metalocalypse. A This Is Spinal Tap for the [not so] new millenium, the show has more going for it than just comedy. The two Dethklok records, Dethalbum‘s I and II, are some of the best releases of the past 10 years. No lie. And the guitar playing! So good! Oh, and I’ve just learned that they’re the highest charting death metal band in Billboard history. Yikes!

Even better than Mr. Small being given a guitar of his very own is the price. This instrument is intensely affordable at $1,670, and it looks cool to boot. Check out the specs at, and be sure to watch the video. Comedy gold.

I wants. So bads.

If you get one, how’s about you bring it on over to the shop so’s I can tell you how jealous I am… or for a set-up!

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  2. I’d love to a duet with Luther Vandross.

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