It’s finished!

Remember a while back when I announced that I was building guitars? Well, the first one is finished.

I suppose it’s more appropriate to say “I assembled this guitar” rather than “I built this guitar.” The parts for this instrument came from one of my favorite sources: a box of miscellany. You see, John purchased an assortment of bodies and pickups, knobs and tuners and we weren’t sure what we wanted to do with all of it. In the end, we felt bad having these parts and not doing something great with them. The end result is pictured above!

What we have here isn’t simply a mutt, but a carefully planned-out breed. For instance, we made sure to install a full set of Fender single coils instead of haphazardly throwing in whatever pickups we found. The body with its flamed maple finish has had its holes filled and re-drilled to ensure a perfect fit with the pickguard, bridge and spring claw. I even went so far as to cut a genuine bone nut and perform some very special wiring. Stop on in sometime and see what’s cooking under the hood!

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