Sea-Tac Guitar Show 2011

We had a lot of fun at the 2011 Sea-Tac Guitar Show, meeting new friends and checking out all of the cool gear! Plenty of folks stopped by the Leading Tone/ Fromel Electronics booth, lured by the siren song of our fancy pedal displays (not to mention the super-bright LED of our Go! pedal) prepared especially for the show.

Tonal bliss, now in a convenient display format!

We managed to sell a few guitars- and taking on a few while we were at it- but we spent most of the event talking to musicians about Fromel Electronics and Strymon pedals. From what we could tell, both were big hits at the convention, and there were plenty of people stopping by to check out what was making that glorious noise!

Young guitarist Cameron rocking out with Phuz and D.I.G pedals!

Even though we were there first and foremost to “pedal” our wares, each of us took every chance to sniff out cool kit. There were booths for Union Jack Amplifiers, Fastback Guitars and VFE pedals, all of which were exciting and great sounding prodcuts.

If you were to ask us what most impressed us, we’d have to tell you about the hand-made guitars by Joe Riggio of Service Guitar Repair. Joe builds stunning instruments brilliantly executed in period-correct, vintage colors. And the tone: to die for. Even unplugged, his instruments rang out with a loud and authoritative richness complemented by his immensely playable fretboard. His guitars (particularly a shoreline gold T-style) are the attraction we’ve discussed most since the show ended, and I’m not lying when I tell you that each of us are scraping our pennies together so Joe can someday build us our dream guitars! Check him out!

Mike Ball rules over all he surveys.

And don’t worry; Leading Tone and Fromel Electronics will be back again in September! Come out and thrill at the wonders of Seattle’s booming music community!

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