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True Bypass Looper Protoypes! $60/each!

Have a pedal that just kills your tone? Take it out of your signal chain completely with Fromel Electronics’ newest creation! Nameless as it may be, it’s easily distinguishable from our other pedals in the line by its sheer size … Continue reading

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“Epiphone By Gibson” Sheraton, c. 1986

Check out this super rare “E By G” Sheraton that we had in the store recently. This guitar is a very early example of Epi’s reissue Sheraton guitars and was made in the Samick factory in Korea. A very solid … Continue reading

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Kind Words From Cool People

Having brought both of his guitars in for a set up, our friend Adam Croft had this to say about his rejuvenated lovelies: “So, playing my guitars regularly used to give me the worst most absolutely painful blisters on my … Continue reading

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1949 Gibson L-7

This L-7 is a real winner, but it came in the shop looking pretty miserable. Though structurally sound, the guitar was literally covered in nicotine from years of dive-bar play. I’ve seen dull finishes before, but when I touched this … Continue reading

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