Kind Words From Cool People

Having brought both of his guitars in for a set up, our friend Adam Croft had this to say about his rejuvenated lovelies:

“So, playing my guitars regularly used to give me the worst most absolutely painful blisters on my middle and ring fingers and in the palm-knuckle area… I don’t know WHAT you did, but ever since your magic setups happened, i’ve been playing more guitar than ever and getting zero hand pain. Being able to enjoy playing without thinking about how much pain my hand will be in the next day is like… the happiest thing ever. I actually really enjoy playing again, you seriously have no idea.”

Thanks, Adam! It was a joy to work on these two guitars, wanting very much to see you pick them up again! All it took was some lowered action, adjusted truss rods and a shim or two…

Want your guitars to surprise you?

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