True Bypass Looper Protoypes! $60/each!

Big things, small packages and all of that.

Have a pedal that just kills your tone? Take it out of your signal chain completely with Fromel Electronics’ newest creation! Nameless as it may be, it’s easily distinguishable from our other pedals in the line by its sheer size alone. Just ask for “the smallest looper, ever” and we’ll know exactly what you mean.

What makes these special, aside from the size? Well, the dependable, top-quality of Fromel’s other pedals packed into a small box, plus the super-convenient and long-lasting battery powered LED. That’s right: no taking up room on your precious power supply! Internal watch batteries keep these suckers visible and don’t affect your tone at all, even when fully drained.

So if you’re a less-than-blissful tone seeker, take those “ratty” or “too-digital” effects out of the signal chain when they aren’t meant to color your sound!

These are prototypes so a “first-come, first served” rule applies. Get ’em while they’re hot…

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