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We’re all caught up!

Hey, internet friends! If you were concerned about the wait for guitar work at Leading tone, fear no more! We have no waiting period for set ups and repairs! Come on down!

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String Vibrations From INSIDE The Guitar

Check this out: it’s mesmerizing!

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Chords and Conviction

I’m thinking about chords; not simply about E minor of Gb7th in particular, but about how- and why- we play them. My good friend Chae was recently foaming at the mouth about the White Stripes’ “One Note Concert” where the … Continue reading

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Strymon News

The Strymon Timeline was released yesterday. Strymon gave a clue as to the release date. Note that all the pictures of the Timeline say 705ms for July 5. We are pleased to be the only Strymon dealer in the Pacific … Continue reading

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