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The Strymon Timeline was released yesterday. Strymon gave a clue as to the release date. Note that all the pictures of the Timeline say 705ms for July 5. We are pleased to be the only Strymon dealer in the Pacific Nortwest and I ordered as many as Strymon would allow. However our initial allocation is already sold out (except for 1 demo unit that will be in the shop shortly). We have started a list and can take deposits on the second round, which Strymon is working on as hard as they can. Please send us an e-mail or call the shop to get on the list.

All the other Strymon pedals are in stock at the shop.


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12 Responses to Strymon News

  1. LTFromel says:

    About 4 weeks out at this point, give a call or shoot an e-mail to get on the list.

  2. Please put me on the Timeline list. Any ETA?

  3. Steven Wagg says:

    Please put me on the TimeLine list.

  4. Brian Dupre says:

    Interested in getting on the deposit list as well if still possible. How do I make a deposit to you guys?

  5. Tim Hart says:

    Timeline list please

  6. Steve Hotra says:

    How much is the deposit?
    I would like to order a Timeline.

  7. Jose V says:

    Just to clarify my question, how much is the purchase price and how much of a deposit would you need? Thanks again

  8. Jose V says:

    Hey there, interested in putting down a deposit for the timeline. How much and would you be able to ship to Blaine? Thanks!

  9. LTFromel says:

    Thanks for your deposit, you are on the list!!!

  10. LTFromel says:

    Thanks for your deposit, You are on the list!!!

    There is no guarantee from Strymon as to when the next batch will be in but I know they are working hard. Like the first batch the second batch will have strict allocation for dealers. We have two lists running, those who put a deposit and those who do not. People with deposits will be guaranteed a TimeLine until all of the allocated pedals are sold. If there are still some left after after all the ones that are paid for are gone I will start at the top of the list for those who did not put a deposit.

  11. matthew gomez says:

    Timeline list please.

  12. Merle Marks says:

    I am interested in getting on the list for the next round of Strymon Timeline pedals.
    I am aware that release date has not been announced. I am not opposed to deposit unless your list is so long that my likelihood of pedal purchase with this batch release is poor. Ideas?


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