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Last night our front window was smashed with a large rock and this matching pair of Teisco Del Ray Tulips is now at large. To all our faithful, non-thief customers and friends, please keep an eye out for these two … Continue reading

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Jazzmaster/Jaguar Tips and Tricks Part 1

One topic of much debate amongst guitarists, builders and aficionados is the care and feeding of the Fender offset guitar. In the Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars Leo gave us some of his most treasured- and in some cases, confusing- refinements … Continue reading

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C. 1964 Gibson LG0 Restoration Part 1

Yesterday Brent came in with his grandfather’s instrument, having acquired it some years ago. When he opened the case we could see that it would be no small task to bring it back to fitness, but I for one was … Continue reading

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Joshua’s Custom Built 5 String Electric Mandocello

Our new friend Josh came in a week ago to try out some of our fancy Strymon and Fromel pedals and ended up taking a few home. Before he left, we struck up a conversation centered upon this uniquely interesting … Continue reading

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’64 Fender Jaguar!

The other day we made a new friend: his name is Richard and he’s got some sweet guitars. He’s a stand-up guy with a farm full of horses and plenty of stories to keep your mindbelly fed and full. Richard … Continue reading

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Chris Mulder’s Ibanez Conversion

Here at Leading Tone, we love to make guitars play and sound better than they do when “factory fresh.” What I mean is that almost any guitar can not only feel better than when you bought it, but they can … Continue reading

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