’64 Fender Jaguar!

The other day we made a new friend: his name is Richard and he’s got some sweet guitars. He’s a stand-up guy with a farm full of horses and plenty of stories to keep your mindbelly fed and full.

Richard was kind enough to bring in two of his guitars for us to see, one of them being this gorgeous 1964 Fender Jaguar. With that perfect combination of finish crazing and muted gloss, this Jaguar just looks sexy even from a distance. I realize that it’s the standard sunburst finish, but that in no way detracts from the chromed-out, hot rod beauty of this guitar.


Richard paid next to nothing for this beauty some years ago, but definitely had the right idea in taking good care of it. He’s not been rough with her at all, with most of the wear happening before he bought it. Richard even had the foresight to buy a replacement bridge in order to keep the original in as good shape as possible. Really cool.

We took a look under the pickguard and rhythm circuit plate and the wiring was immaculate. A great example of Leo’s pre-CBS artistrty, I tell you. Everything about this guitar screamed top-notch, with frets minimally worn down and a potent sound from its two original pickups. The only non-original part of this guitar is its trem arm, which had been lost years ago. I will say that the trem unit responded magnificently, with that just-right balance between tension and immediacy. What I mean is it’s easy to set these wang bars to respond quickly but to be far too tight. This one was smooth yet jumped to pitch changing as soon as I had my pinky on the bar. Even with the installed Buzzstop, vibrato was fluid and tuning was stable.

It was a treat to play this rad rod, and also to give it the once-over while Richard looked on. This is why I love working at Leading Tone: not only do these things happen, but they come to us! If I want to see an interesting or rare guitar, chances are it’ll come through the door any day! Thanks, Richard!

That's Richard, giving us a chance to peek at the through-the-wood finish wear on the guitar's backside.

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