C. 1964 LG0 Restoration Pt. 3: Bridge Boogaloo

Just look at that! Ew!

Since we’ve already determined the guitar needs a bridge replacement, we went ahead and ordered a pre-cut bridge. This bridge wasn’t terribly expensive, but we had no idea it would come finished, and disappointingly at that. That overly dark satin finish was going to stick out like a… new bridge on an old guitar. I got nothin’ today.

I took it upon myself to spend an extra 20 minutes and not only sand away the finish, but to re-shape the bridge as well. I don’t know if you can tell from the angle of my photo, but that bridge had entirely squared off edges devoid of the rounded, comfortable profile I associate with Gibson-style bridges. My personal J-45 has one of the most hand-friendly bridges I’ve ever played, but I was afraid this “Gibson-style” bridge would take chucks out of my palm if I wasn’t careful.

Now that's more like it!

It wasn’t a difficult process, but I think it came out really well. I’ve rounded all of the formerly harsh edges, and I’ve even given the saddle side face of the bridge a more rounded-off Gibson profile. It’s really comfortable, and because all of the corners are worn down it’s also quite legit-looking. Maybe it won’t pass for original, but it’ll certainly look as though it’s been on the guitar for quite a while. Plus, that’s not a bad looking piece of wood!

I’ll take some photos once it’s affixed to the guitar top!

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2 Responses to C. 1964 LG0 Restoration Pt. 3: Bridge Boogaloo

  1. michaeladams says:

    Of course, Brent! By the way, the bridge has already been glued to the top and is curing as we speak! It’s only a matter of time now, and the only thing between you and playing your guitar is us waiting on a new jack/clamp thing we ordered to help with the bracing that needs to be reglued. Other than that, we’re on the home stretch!

    I know we said it would take a while, but we’re probably looking at just one more week to have this thing up and running. Like I said, we’ll take it slowly but our task is coming to an end. It’s gonna be great! Feel free to stop by the shop any time if you feel like visiting!

  2. Oh man, I wish you would have kept the dark finish on there… can you please re-stain it as dark as possible?

    Sike, this looks amazing all sanded down with the grain showing! I cannot believe when people cover up nice wood grain with stain so dark it looks like paint. Thanks for taking this much care and precision with my old beat-up guitar.

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