“Take a look and see what just breezed in the door.”


This guy just walked in with his new Craigslist score: A 1982-83 Gibson Challenger I in a beautifully checked Tangerine finish!

As the story goes, he traded an Egnater Tweaker head- a very cool amp indeed- for this puppy, and it even came with the period-correct “chainsaw” case. The Challenger was another low-budget guitar put out by Gibson in the 80’s but is actually quite a cool instrument. It has an ebonized rosewood fretboard and a maple neck, super-sturdy tuners, a fully-intonatable bridge and a moderately hot pickup rumored to have been designed by Bill Lawrence! It also features a non-open book headstock motif!

Crazing and a non-open book headstock!

Even with this guitar’s student-model roots, with the look of this Tangerine finish I’d certainly rock it. The guitar is incredibly resonant, especially for a bolt-on. It’s not heavy and has a sort of Melody-Maker, 80’s-by-way-of-60’s cool to it that not a lot of modern guitars possess. Also, it looks as though it’s never been played. Other than the weather-checking, this thing is dead mint. GORGEOUS!

I’ll admit: I frigg’n love this thing. I think he does, too!

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