When Relics Go Bad!

So, I stole that title from the Guitarz Blog, which if you’re unfamiliar it’s one of the greatest sites devoted to guitars on the web. Do take a moment to check it out, and come on back. We’ll wait.


Pretty rad, huh? Not only a great site, but great guys as well. I’ve commented on their posts with comments back from them in no time. Extremely informative and highly trustworthy especially on the subject of off-brand or copy instruments.

This post, however, revolves around a pet peeve of mine: homemade relic guitars. I tend to surf eBay and Craigslist in search of cool guitars at decent prices. Sometimes there’s a deal, but more often than not there’s a great instrument at an insanely high price with the seller having come across some downright bad information. You’ll see things posted at a “discount” from the MSRP, “improved” guitars and guitars like this “relic”.

But wha... I... they... the thi-... and... NOOOOOOOOOOO!

This guitar was, at one time, a Gibson ES-335. The model hasn’t changed of course, but my goodness! That finish! What happened?!

This sort of thing just depresses me. I see this guitar, and like an abused puppy, my heart goes out to it. I want to take it home and dress its wounds, care for it, and nurse it back to health. Then I want to play with it, as is natural for both dogs and guitars. Also, they both bark, wail, cry and howl. Enough with the dog/guitar comparisons.

Anyway, my heart breaks over these photos, and I can’t imagine paying that much for a guitar so distressed. Also, take a look at what the seller calls a “transition” between the finishes. Note the “Custom Shop” truss-rod cover and ruined headstock veneer.

It's less of a transition and more of a steep decline.

Now, who wants to buy me a big Christmas gift so’s we can intervene in the life of this lost soul?!

“There’s a fine line between clever and stupid.” -David St. Hubbins

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  1. Hunter says:

    holy crap…. i was looking up “relic” es335s because i just picked up a beat to hell 335 and was looking for some ideas….. and low and behold, its actually this guitar! apparently i bought it on craigslist UNBELIEVABLY cheap from the guy who won this auction! the guy before me sanded the black mostly off, but when i bought it, it was just a body and a bunch of parts. here’s a pic of it as it stands as of yesterday… http://imgur.com/Rgkyc

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