1946 Fender Woody Deluxe Model 26

This amp came into the shop a few weeks ago for a restoration. What a sweet joy to have in the shop the very first production amp that Fender ever made. A true piece of Rock and Roll history. The filter caps had been replaced in the mid 80’s and the owner still had a couple of the original caps with the amp. The coupling caps are all shot and preamp and phase inverter tubes were bad.

I searched high and low for a schematic for this amp. However, all my searching came up fruitless,  so I traced the schematic from the layout based on the original caps supplied and the the wiring of the amp. I used Photoshop to make the schematic as legit looking as possible and this is what I believe to be the correct schematic for this historic amp.

Deluxe Model 26 (PDF Download)

This was the state of the circuit board prior to restoration. It’s truly amazing that the amp worked at all in this condition. It was out of the customers budget to do a period correct restoration which would have utilized all the original capacitor wraps and making brown molded caps with mallory 150’s and femo clay. However when I was done this amp had tone for days. I am so happy to have had the privilege of working on this incredible tone machine.


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4 Responses to 1946 Fender Woody Deluxe Model 26

  1. b.t. says:

    Great work! Two questions, there wasn’t a choke transformer? Do you remember any of the voltages in the amp?

  2. Rich Sclafani says:

    thanks again for all the work you did on my amp! i couldn’t be happier with the results!



  3. LTFromel says:

    If you look closely you will notice that the controls actually go to 12, one more than Nigel’s Marshall!!!!

  4. Brian from Australia says:

    Wow, just look at those controls where the volume goes up to 11. Fender was there 38 years before the film “This is Spinal Tap” where guitarist Nigel explains how his Marshall amp goes up to eleven.

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