Leading Tone Custom 5E3 Amp Build

Greetings! We recently completed a custom 5E3 amplifier for a customer and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. The Fender 5E3 amp, commonly referred to as a Fender Deluxe is a very simple and common amp know for it’s simple design, ease of use, and superb tone. This customized version of the 5E3 amp was built with the finest components available including Mercury Magnetics ‘Tone Clone’ transformers, oil filled Mod capacitors (labelled with the Leading Tone V05 Hot Oil labels) , and robust turret board construction. Here’s a shot of the installed turret board:

Here’s a shot of the completed chassis before installing in the cabinet:

Once completed the amp came to rest is a custom made narrow face pine cabinet with a 12″ C12N Jensen speaker. The results were amazing. A lightweight amp with a classic look and incredible tone.

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