1982 Gibson Victory MVX

Greeting! Every once and a while an unusual guitar comes in for repair and we all gather round to ooh and ahh. This 1982 Gibson Victory MVX in twilight blue is no exception. These were built by Gibson, in both the Kalamazoo and Nashville factories, from 1981-1984. The guitars were constructed with solid maple body and necks, so there’s quite a bit of heft to this axe. The MVX stands for “Multi-Voice 10” which refers to to it’s electronics layout. This guitar was fitted with 3 humbucker pickups (the center pickup is stacked), a 5 way switch, master volume and tone, and a master coil tap for all 3 pickups. Basically, this guitar is capable of 5 humbucker positions and 5 single coil positions, thus the X in the name.

One of the best features of the Victory is the body and headstock shape. This guitar was definitely a stretch for the Gibson company as they were trying to appeal to the early 80’s shredder craze. So very cool.

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  1. LTFromel says:

    Hi, It would really be hard to pin a value on it without seeing it in person, however if you could send some pics of the guitar and description of the general condition and if it has the original case, paperwork, and any work done that would help.


  2. Nelly Kleefstra says:

    Hello , I have a Gibson Victory MVX 82171061 serial 061 05-08-1981 in Kalamazoo, color Red.
    I wan’t to sel this guitar, can you tell me, how much this guitar is worth

    Gr. Nelly

  3. Doug says:

    I cut my teeth on this model. She still sits in my music room, but needs some electronic work done. One of my winter projects coming up.

  4. Chris Mulder says:

    It is difficult to give you a useful appraisal without seeing the guitar. Assuming it is in very good to excellent condition, the current price guide lists a 1981 MVX at $900-$1100. It depends on many factors though. If you’re local, we do offer an appraisal service so you can find out everything you could possible want to know about your guitar.

  5. lauren mooney says:

    I just bought a 81. And its green. I really haven’t seen any for sale. What would the value be? Do you know?

  6. Chris Mulder says:

    Unfortunately, it is not. A customer brought it in for a setup. We thought it was super cool and just wanted to share a cool guitar with the world.

  7. Edward says:

    Is this Gibson MVX for sale? I’ve been looking for one for awhile.

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