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  1. Hi Ian,
    Indeed, we are a Strymon dealer and we usually have most models in stock. If we don’t have the Strymon looking for we’d be happy to order what you’d like.

  2. Ian H. says:


    I noticed that your shop was a retailer for Strymon pedals. I was wondering if you possibly had the Timeline or the Ola in stock? Thanks for your time.


  3. John Fagan says:

    Hey Michael, this is John Fagan (who was recommended to your shop by Joel Tepp). I had brought my sunburst American Standard Tele in to you a few weeks ago for help with installing the Lollar pickups (my first attempt at installing pickups). Just wanted to thank you again for your help! I’ve had the chance to play it on a couple of gigs and rehearsals so far, and it sounds great! I came across an article on pickup wiring mods in the May issue of Premier Guitar. It mentions the 4-way Tele mod and how the jumper on the bottom of the neck pickup is clipped and then a new ground wire is run. If you recall, originally I was going for the 4-way switch and had questioned clipping that jumper. Anyways, thanks again and I’ll definitely keep you in mind for future guitar repair needs!

  4. LTFromel says:

    on order and on the way, I will put up a post when they are in!

  5. Bob says:

    do you guys have the strymon blue sky reverberator in stock?

  6. michaeladams says:

    Hey, Jon!

    Just wanted to let you know that we’re definitely interested in helping you out and that we received your phone message as well. It’s been a crazy week, so we’re sorry for the lateness in our reply. We’ll be giving you a call back to discuss details most likely by Friday! Forgive us!

    And yes, we have been lucky in business, and run a lucrative Ebay store! We’ve been successful in selling not only in-demand items such as yours, but also items that aren’t so popular. I think we’ll do fine by your things! We’ll have you come to the shop so we can evaluate the items, and while they’re on Ebay they’ll need to be in the store so that we can full test them and answer any questions in a fashion that’s both accurate and prompt.

    We’ll be in touch!
    Snowmageddon, amirite?

  7. John Hanford says:


    I am intending to sell a bunch of equipment – guitar related stuff: pedals (incl., Zendrive, Joe Meeks Floor Q, Bumble Bee, Reverb-o-mate, and probably some amp heads (incl. a Zinky 50-watt and a Jim Kelley Head – serial no. 2). Maybe a guitar or two as well.

    Joel Tepp told me that you guys do very effective eBay sales and whatnot.

    How much percentage do you charge for consignment and online/eBay sales? Do you also do the packaging for shipped items – e.g., eBay sales.

    Thanks very much,

    John Hanford

  8. Sean Taylor says:

    Hey I am down in portland, I was in the market for a Strymon Bluesky pedal, shoot me an email and let me know if you’ve got one!

  9. Jason Goforth says:

    Thankyou for having this in stock & selling it to me & also being able to explain its functions clearly. Used it last night & it sounded great. Can’t wait to be able to use this fx pedal blindly & find all of its hidden magic. Sounds just like tape. Crazy

  10. michaeladams says:

    Hey! Not only do we have the El Cap in stock, we also have one tethered to a Strymon board with the Lex, Timeline, Bluesky and the rest of the line. Come on in! We’ll keep an eye out for you.

    The El Capistan sounds amazing, and offers enough versatility to nail old tape sounds as well as a few out-of-the-ordinary tones. Coupled with the “hidden” features, we feel that this pedal beats out just about any other delay unit on the market! Thanks for your interest!

  11. Jason Goforth says:

    Wondering if you guys have the Strymon El Capistan in stock. I’ll be in town playing the Triple door Friday, Saturday, & Sunday night. I’ve wanted to try this fx pedal out for a while now. I use an old Multivox MX-201 tape echo.

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