Leading Tone is dedicated to providing the best in service to your music program and doing every thing we can to lower barriers that prevent children from receiving an excellent education in instrumental music. We are the only rental program that actively gives back to your schools music program. Through rewards and cash back to your school for every rental payment and purchase at Leading Tone and The Guitar Store.

Our Program has four core components.
1. Providing excellent quality rental instruments for the best price in the Greater Puget Sound. This includes, in store, home or school delivery.
2. Providing Title I schools FREE maintenance and repair of instruments, so students can have access to instruments that play well at no cost to the student or the school. Other schools receive a discount on repair and maintenance.
3. Providing schools with accessories and supplies through our rewards program.
4. Providing scholarship instruments to students who cannot afford to rent or purchase one when your school does not have one for the student to use.

Are you ready to enroll your school in our rewards program? Just fill out this survey below which will let us know how we can best serve you and the music program at your school. Just for filling out this survey and adding Leading Tone to your list of places students can rent from, you will receive a $20.00 GIFT CARD to use for supplies and accessories for your school. Do you teach at multiple schools? Fill this survey out for each school and receive a give card for each school.