Band & Orchestra

When your instrument needs service, to be returned or exchanged for another instrument we make it easy!

Certified Instrument Repair

Our Loss Damage Waiver Plus Maintenance Program (LDW) protects your rented instrument against theft or damage beyond repair. Simply return the instrument to Leading Tone! We have a repair tech on site, but if the damage is really severe, the instrument will be forwarded to VIR’s Service Center to be repaired by certified instrument service professionals. Loaner instruments are usually available. In other cases where a lengthy turnaround time is anticipated, an exchange will be facilitated with no loss in equity towards you have already earned.

In the event you do not reside near Leading Tone or another VIR Affiliated Retailer, your instrument will be shipped free of charge directly to your home or office. When service (repair, exchange, return) is needed, simply call us at 206-523-8663. We’ll email a pre-paid return shipping label to you. After returning the instrument in the original shipping box (don’t forget to save it!) and affix the pre-paid label, take it to the UPS drop-off center nearest you. We’ll take care of the rest!

Flexible Exchange Options

Your instrument may be exchanged at any time for an intermediate model or different instrument. In some cases, up to 24 months of rent-credit may be applied toward the balance of the new instrument. Further, you may elect to continue making affordable monthly payments on the remaining balance or take advantage of a cash-buyout discount. Call or visit Leading Tone for detailed information & availability.

Returns & Cancellations

Because this is a month-to-month rental program, there is no minimum terms and you may cancel your agreement & return the instrument to us at any time. Whatever the reason (child no longer in band, family member purchased another instrument, etc.), simply follow the same process above. Returns are accepted at Leading Tone or by calling Veritas toll free at 800-578-9724. It’s that easy!