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Hi! You’ve stumbled upon the repair and restoration blog for Leading Tone Music in Seattle, WA. There’s a lot going on here, and because we’re so young as a company the intention is to keep an up-to-date log of everything we do- which will be as much for you, the reader, as it is for us!

We’ve been overwhelmed by the customer and community reaction to our humble shop, and so we’ve set out to chronicle the work we perform here in the store. This will include repairs, restorations, opinions, and maybe even video demonstrations of our products and/or silliness. Who knows?

Thanks for taking the time to check up on us. We invite you to be a part of our journey- whether as a customer, reader, or- most importantly- a friend. Cheers!


1982 Gibson Victory MVX

Making a Compensated Bone Saddle

Fixing the Slots of a Bone Nut

Telecaster Partial Refret

1973 Telecaster Refret

5 Responses to Fix It Up!

  1. michaeladams says:

    John, we can definitely do that. Until I see the guitar (and how shoddy the previous work is) I hesitate to give you a quote. Usually wiring jobs and set ups can be done by the next day, if not two days out. This, of course, depends upon our work load, but generally we’re pretty quick! I’d love to help out!


  2. john robinson says:

    yes I have a lefthanded blackjack shecter with semore blackouts in it some guy re did the pots in it and screwed it all up . but what I want to do its have the whole guitar re wired american usa and hot sounding . can you do this and how long . my name is John Robinson

  3. Doug Hawkinson says:


    John and Chris are friends. I just discovered you guys. I’m not seeing how to set up an account. I’d like to. I’ll try and get by on Friday when I’m back in town.


  4. michaeladams says:

    We do indeed repair effects, amps, and guitars. Perhaps we should be more clear about that in our about and fix pages. I’ll remedy that ASAP! Stop by the shop any time (We’re open 11am-6:30pm Monday-Wed, by appointment Thursday, 11-6:30 Friday and Saturday and closed Sunday) and we’ll get your Crybaby working flawlessly. Chances are, it’s something simple, as is usually the case when we take a pedal in that doesn’t work. Hopefully we’ll see you around! -Michael

  5. Robert Layton says:

    When I was in Iraq with the Army last I undertook mod’ing my beloved Crybaby. Ive done mods before on other pedals and I’m not quite sure whether it was the lack of good equipment, workspace, supplies or what but I wasn’t (and haven’t been) able to figure out why its not working. Are effects something that you guys repair and if not is there someone in the Seattle/Tacoma area that you could recommend

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