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We have a full service repair department to keep your amps, guitars, and outboard gear in top working order. For bench rates and general repair costs please see the following sections for Guitar, Amps, Effects, and other gear we work on.

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3 Responses to Guitar, Amp & Pedal

  1. Matthew RIdgeway says:

    Hello. Just curious if you have ever seen one of these guitars. It was in a fender style, gold/red sunburst, but with an electronic rhythmcircuit built in. It could play rhythms like bossa nova, cha cha, samba, waltz and the like. Pitch, gain and speed were adjustable, and it all came out through the guitar jack along with your playing. It used a 9 volt battery to power the circuit and I guess it was made in the 1970’s.

    I had one, I bought in a garage sale, but gave it away to a heavy metal guitarist who cut it to bits into a “flying V” type body. I am kicking myself now for being so dumb, but I was only 19 or so. I can not find anything what so ever on guitars like this on the net, so I am guessing they are rare as hens teeth. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


  2. michaeladams says:

    Well, what’s a gym commitment anyway? Even if we gain a few pounds, our guitars won’t judge us!

    Always a good thing when you’re in the shop. Hope the Springy Sound is still doing right by you! Later on!

  3. Art Behrman says:

    Thank you Michael for installing the Lollar Black Face replacement pickups in my vintage Tokai Springy Sound strat. It sounds awesome so far! My commitment to the gym has suffered today because of the new and lively and interesting sounds emanating this guitar.


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